Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Blizzard of 2010 and Other Moments...

Today it snowed all day long...big fluffy white flakes of pretty snow. Nadia & I watched as it piled up outside, on the window sill, on the planters and pots on the fire escape, everywhere. We listened to the people shoveling the sound of plows scratching against the gravel of the streets as they whizzed past on Douglass or on 5th Avenue. We both had of us every two to three hours or so. We listened to Raffi's children's songs and danced to Ladyhawke blaring on the stereo speakers. Nadia lightly napped while I did not.

...this 'blizzard' was actually 2 weeks ago on February 10th...and I intended to write more but have realized that keeping up with a blog at this stage of things is...well, not too realistic! Since finding time to take a shower and get dressed is still tough, a daily...even weekly blog entry is not in the cards. BUT I will plan to keep at it, remembering to be very easy on myself when I don't get to it. I've had this feeling that I'm not 'capturing' the moments either in writing or on film and of course I wish we had a video camera. Now, the fact that I dumped a table full of coffee drinks on our digital camera at one of my mommy group meetings does not help things one bit. And even when it is working the video is hard to upload...or I just don't know how to do it, or my PC isn't equipped. Dunno. And then there's the afore mentioned inability to sit down and write an email let alone a blog entry.

Anyway, I think it's because the moments are so breathtakingly beautiful, they are so incredibly amazing, I want them to last for longer. To hold them a little longer. Like the first time Nadia smiled at me. My goodness, it was one of the best things I could have ever imagined. Her eyes shimmered in a special way and she was looking at me!!! At me!!! And she was smiling and it was honestly like a drug. Like something I wanted/want over and over and over. And luckily she is such a sweet natured baby who likes to smile. She doesn't cry unless she's hungry and even when she's tired, she more whines than cries...maybe more like whimpers. I'll have to think of the right word. Lately she's a bit more gassy (maybe because she eats so much more?) so there's a little crying after she's nursed and before the big, if you will, frat boy burp that comes out. Overall though, she's got a wonderful temperament and we are so very blessed. Now of course she's been a drool machine, which is supposed to be a sign of teething, so that whole limited crying thing is likely to change but for now it's a blessing we are thankful for. She just turned 12 weeks old this past Tuesday, February 23rd. The 3-month mark!!! So exciting. And she is so amazing and we are so in love. Her smile = eternal sunshine. It makes every part of this oftentimes bewildering and sometimes exhausting journey all the more worth every single precious moment.