Saturday, June 12, 2010

A recent day at the park. Some fun shadows to play with. Miss Nadia is pretty in pink.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Time Flies! Looking Back at Six Months of Nadia P!

Last week, last Tuesday, June 1st, our little Nadia turned six-months old. Wow, how time has flown by! I look at pictures of her from January and she seems so tiny in comparison to now.
Back then I would at the clothes so generously sent to us by Auntie Paige and Uncle Dary and from Marisa & Seth and the six-month size seemed so big! Now she is wearing it and it fits!

Oh my goodness...where to begin? As I try to recap the last three months or so since I've last had a chance to write...

There are little memories like the first time I found an imprint of her little ear on the inside of my arm after nursing her. Or her flashing an amazing smile at me while I changed her diaper at 6am all bleary-eyed and groggy...her wanting to play and connect helping me feel more awake and blissful and not so grumpy anymore. There's the first time I went to get her from her crib one morning and she smiled so wide and so sweetly, like she was so happy to see me after her night's slumber. And she continues to do that to this day...brightening my morning as soon as I see her amazing grin and her arms and legs wiggling around with excitement.

Not long after the gorgeous sparkly smiles came the giggles. Oh the giggles! Our friend Erika and her sweet son Japhy were over and she began an impromptu game of peek-a-boo with Nadia. The giggles began - they were possibly the most wonderful sound I've ever heard. Full-on belly laughs accompanied by wide beautiful smiles. What seemed to make her laugh the most was the surprise aspect of it - she'd jump a wee bit in her bouncer but then immediately laugh with glee. It was awesome and thinking back on it makes me smile. It was one of those moments that I think I'll never forget.

Soon Miss Nadia P (as I've taken to calling her) was enjoying tummy-time a bit more and then she started rolling over onto her back. Each time she did it, Kory and I would encouragingly clap and say Yay! And by now in June she's started moving from her back onto her belly. She's always loved to stand - even as early as six weeks and her legs are very strong. Now she is working on sitting unassisted! Sometimes leans over to the side and Bonk! she's down but every day she's getting better at it. I love watching her sit and discover the world from that particular vantage point (i.e. not lying on her back for a change).

As of May we started her on solid food...slightly earlier than the AAP recommended six months, but not at all harmful according to our pediatrician and we were careful to space out each new food by a few days to test for any allergies. She'd also been staring at us while we ate for a while...sometimes even reaching for our fork as it went towards our mouth. And we'd also been giving her little tastes of things like bananas from our fingertips and she licked away with curiosity and pleasure.

Carrots were first and she LOVED them! Then peas...not as big a fan but she still ate them. Then sweet potatoes...a huge hit! Then green beans which she seemed somewhat ambivalent about. And those are the vegetables in her repertoire thus far. As for fruits, we soon started to add mashed up banana, some pears and an applesauce with rice cereal mixture. All of these were immediate favorites. More recently we added peaches, an applesauce and blueberry mixture and tonight we will try apples and mangoes!

And as of this week she has a tooth poking out!! Her bottom left tooth and it's jagged little edges is in sight! It is so exciting.