Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nadia turns ONE!

Our sweet smiley girl celebrated her very first birthday just under two weeks ago!!!

She had a blast! Played with friends (both the babes of those from our birthing class and of those mamas from my mommy group), hung with her family (Anneanne was there!) and hosted her teyzes and amcas (some of our dear friends).

She had her first cupcake on the night of her actual birthday...and after daddy helped her realize it wasn't just for playing with, seemed to like eating it...and feeding it to us!

Since the first night of Hannukah came early this year, we also lit the first candle on her birthday and read the Hannukah book her Grandpa Gaffin gave to her.

At her birthday party she fell in love with balloons...and also really liked her chocolate cake (from Blue Sky Bakery). She got a lot of absolutely wonderful gifts and is a lucky little girl to have so many who love and adore her.

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